Simple and Natural health solutions

Let us take you through simple and natural wellness solutions for you and your family

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There is rising cost in healthcare – and the need for cost-effective & natural wellness solutions

The need for specific and innovative nutraceutical products that address key healthcare issues

Increased need & realization for nutritional supplementation in various patient groups as a first line medical management approach.

Lighthouse has created specific natural solutions to common ailments without the need for complicated and expensive solutions.

Go ahead, see how we can assist you restore your health naturally!

Simple Wellness Solutions

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Lighthouse Healthcare looks at effectively researching a common medical challenge and finding sound evidence in natural solutions. Examples include the Immune system, Appetite, Healing & Recovery, Female Intimate Health etc. Of note is our Velobiotics probiotics technology - a globally patented system that delivers 1000x more probiotics to the gut.

Best Selling Wellness

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer quality, affordable and effective health care solutions to our customers. To achieve this, Lighthouse Healthcare engages in 4 Key areas

Lighthouse Own “Brands” that are well researched and congruent with existing clinical evidence. 

Informing the customer of the available simple wellness solutions in an engaging and simple way. 

Working with doctors, pharmacists and healthcare practitioners to make them aware of the benefits of using trusted and are cost effective wellness solutions in health care provision

Continuously developing wellness solutions that add value to our customers based on the latest developments and innovation.

Lighthouse CSIR Research Partnership