Innovative health solutions

Lighthouse is an Integrated Healthcare Group of companies that develops niche nutraceutical brands for both the medical and consumer markets. The company has continuously looked for unique niche markets and sustainable opportunities for innovative products that provide real solutions

Staying Ahead of Trends In Healthcare

There is rising cost in healthcare – and the need for cost-effective solutions

Regulatory and advocacy for quality and effective healthcare solutions

The need for specific and innovative nutraceutical products that address key healthcare issues

Increased need & realization for nutritional supplementation in various patient groups as a first line medical management approach.

Lighthouse Healthcare looks at effectively supporting brands through contract manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing. Velobiotics is a subsidiary of Lighthouse Healthcare offering a range of best probiotics for men, women and children – using a patented microencapsulation technology – that delivers 1000x more probiotics to the gut

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer quality, affordable and effective health care solutions to our clientele. To achieve this, Lighthouse Healthcare engages in:

Lighthouse Own “Brands” for selected medical conditions that are suited to its current profile and congruent to our target audience

Building strong brands of products under our portfolio within healthcare providers in identified market segments

Making doctors, pharmacists and patients aware of the benefits of using trusted and are cost effective solutions in health care provision

Coming up with solutions that add value to the Quad-Alliance of patients, doctors, funders and suppliers

Velobiotics Technology In Partnership With CSIR